Self-Storage Facility Management Software

Simplified Self-Storage Management

Optimize your operations with our all-in-one software and enable online bookings for your self-storage facilities.

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Grow Your Empire,
Not Your Admin.

Our self-storage software keeps administrative workload comfortably steady while your facilities, units, clientele, and sales grow.

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Online Unit Booking

Less phone time, more convenience: Enable 24/7 online unit reservations through our automated, easy-to-navigate system.

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Simplify Your Admin Work

Our centralized dashboard lets you streamline administrative management, saving precious time. Automate routine tasks, consolidate operations in a single location, and get immediate access to critical data for a better overview of your self-storage facility.

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Automated Payments

Accept online credit card payments, generate automatic invoices, and eliminate delays. Our secure system guarantees a steady revenue flow.

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Boost Your Online Presence

Boost your online presence with a tailored website designed for conversions and easy navigation, reflecting your brand and enabling online bookings. Stand out from your competition.

Reflects Your Branding



Online Booking

Stay Open 24/7

Revolutionizing Self-Storage Management

Stortech revolutionizes the industry with its pioneering cloud management platform. Our SaaS solution eliminates the need for expensive installations, offering efficiency and high performance. Benefit from technical support that ensures seamless operations, anytime, anywhere.

French and English Technical Support

Proudly Canadian

Digital Adoption for Self-Storage

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Optimize Your Self-Storage Investment
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The efficiency of a self-storage facility hinges on good management. Our software not only streamlines operations but also optimizes your pricing. If you're at 100% occupancy, it's time to adjust your prices. We're here to guide you.


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Optimize your self-storage investment so that it becomes as autonomous as possible

Not only do you save time, you rent your spaces faster and maximize your profits thanks to dynamic pricing.

Included with Stortech

We set the bar high in self-storage software

We're proud to do things differently from other providers. Because innovation requires deviation.

Website Included

Why pay more for website setup and maintenance when you can have an intuitive, high-conversion-rate site that you can update yourself?

Automating Repetitive Tasks

StorTech's automation eliminates 85% of repetitive tasks from your workload, so you can focus your time on growing your business, not just running it.

Committed to Advancing the Industry

We believe the self-storage industry is just at the beginning of its technological revolution, and we aim for Stortech and our clients to lead the way.

Your Feedback in the Software

We're in constant dialogue with our customers about what to build next, inviting their input on the developments they wish to see.

Work from Anywhere

StorTech stands out with its cloud hosting, allowing you to manage your self-storage from anywhere, be it from the seaside or the office. With just an internet connection, you have control of your business in your hands.

Top-notch Support

Our dedicated support ensures that our self-storage software integrates seamlessly with your operations. Available at any moment, our team, although growing, remains at your service for any assistance.

Continuous Evolution, Zero Hassle

StorTech is just getting started and promises to further enhance its self-storage software. Users will benefit from new features at no additional cost, with no need for manual updates or reconfigurations.

No Contract. Cancel Anytime

You have the freedom to cancel whenever you wish. We strive for you to be as satisfied as our current clients, but if you decide otherwise, termination is simple and without additional costs.

Boost Your Self-Storage Business with StorTech

Join the modern self-storage facilities worldwide that are increasing their sales, reducing costs, and saving time with StorTech.

Frequently asked questions

Is Stortech suitable for small self-storage facilities and start-ups, or only for large, established businesses?

Stortech is designed to adapt to all sizes of self-storage business, from owners of small start-up facilities to large, well-established self-storage companies.

Whether you manage a few units or several hundred, Stortech provides essential tools to optimize efficiency, enhance the customer experience and stimulate growth in yourself-storage business.

How does Stortech manage payments and invoicing?

Stortech offers a smooth payment processing system, guaranteeing on-time collections. Features such as payment reminders and late fee options help minimize late payments.

Can I transfer my existing data to Stortech?

Yes, we offer active migration support, making the transition from previous systems to Stortech smooth and worry-free.

Does Stortech include a reservation system for customers?

Yes, Stortech includes an online reservation system, allowing customers to book self-storage units easily, without the need for traditional phone calls.

Is Stortech mobile-friendly?

Absolutely. Stortech is designed to be responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience for business owners and their customers on all devices.

How does Stortech guarantee the security of my data?

Rest assured, your data is more secure with us than on your desktop, unlike some old-fashioned software. Our data is hosted in the Google Cloud data center in Montreal, powered by green energy, ensuring end-to-end encryption, regular security audits, strict access controls and adherence to international compliance standards.

Are training resources available for Stortech?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive library of documentation and instructional videos to help you get the most out of our software.

Do you offer customer service?

Yes, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter.

How do I get started with Stortech?

As our software is still in development and preparing for an upcoming launch, you have the opportunity to join our waiting list to be among the first to try our software.

Furthermore, you could qualify to try our BETA version today. Simply contact us via our contact form, and a representative will guide you through the process.